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So much time wasted, getting wasted.....

Friday, April 02, 2004

Friday night again people and yes it was drinking time. But for once we actually had a real reason for it. Happy 24th Birthday Mick. So off we went to the RSL. Me, Mick, lee and okay were drinking beer and playing pool in the sportsbar. Again it was a close battle with all of us being two and two. At about 10 we had to meet the rest of the crew at our house. We had to stop at the grog shop to pick up a case of Jack Daniels and coke. When we got home everyone was waitinf in the back shed for us. So we took the JD and headed out the back. Lots of poinless conversation followed untill about 11:30 when we got up and legged it to the Red. As soon as i got there i saw Bel Casson and Courtney. I chilled out with them for a while untill i ventured upstairs. Id like to thank Dean for the Smirnoff Black. An added bonus for the eaving was wathching to babes who will remain name less hook up for ages. But we'll move on from there. It of course it was kebab time. Me, lee and Cara took the seven orders. And then back to the back shed were i meet the most annoying fuck wit in the world. But mick livened things up with the bottle of Bunderburg black liquor.

Monday, March 29, 2004

Saturday night, well it started out with a suprise phone call from my girlfriend who told me she was coming down which was a really good start to the night. Then mick nome andrew lee and nancy came round. This is when we started the night off so to speak. Carona's, Crusers and Jim beam were the order of the day at this point. Mick then came up with the great idea of going to Red for cheap drinks. And due to the fact that my girlfriend wasnt coming untill 1 i was down for what ever. On the way there we had to meet up with andrew's mates from leeton who were staying near the Vic. As we ventured to Red i saw sarah who was so pissed but funny. When i walked in i saw Jen and Loz so i went and had a drink with them in the beer garden. When i went back into the pub i couldnt find anyone but that was cool because Leah called me and told me that she was going to be in good old wagga soon. So as i walked out i saw boys and told them that id meet them at capital at 1. When i got home Leah and her friend Amdanda rocked up. We had to hurry cause the lock out for the clubs in this great city.... is 1:30. Luckly for me Leah and Amanda are good looking girls and had the sexiest Cocktail style dresses on Damn. When we walked up to the bar i saw Ally who introduced me to her older brother Doug who strait away hooked into Amanda. Then we rolled over to the saloon bar and grabbed another Jim beam. As the night progressed we all chilled out and went for a mad groove. When the club closed we all went back to the good old shed. Except someone was missing, and that person was mick. We all thought he had picked up, but as we found out this girl was into family values.... She had already been with Micks Brothers so he preaty much did the runner on her. Oh and of course i got my quality time Ha ha peace

Saturday, March 27, 2004

Ahh yes another wonderfull Friday night at the Red lion, but lest we forget that again we started at Mick's house. And of course we were drinkin again, so me, mick, james and andrew all hooked in to the Jim Beam. And once again lots of pool was played. It was one game each this time. At about 11:30 the burbon was getting low so it was time to call up the Red lion bus. Jeff was driving the bus and thought it would be funny to drive up and down the street a couple of times. When he finaly came to a stop we all jumped in the bus to find a chick in the front seat. This random's name was Danielle and she was telling us how she was so pissed and that she was drinking raw tequila..... oh and also how she wants someone for a boyfriend, at the same time she was hitting on James but he was to dumb to realise. When we got to the red i jumped out of the moving bus and nearly fell. We then proceeded to the beer garden. This is were the fun began. First of all when i was talking to Cini she was pointing out someone and spilt a drink all over herself. But being the great guy that i am went and bought her another drink and got her a tea towel. Two, the next amazing thing to happen was when Tom was lying on a rock with cini. I then thought it would be a good idea to Hump his head, well as you can guess it didnt go down to well. Upstairs is where we ventured and met up with the rest of the crew. The were'nt that many people up there untill about 1. But the night finally got going and Jimmy T who wont fucking get off the mic was playing some shit music. When we left the Red me and some of the boys came back to the shed and just chilled out and drank some more Bacardi. Ahh and sleeping became so much easyer. Peace

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Another day another drink. No its not what it sound's like im not an alcholic. I just like to enjoy the finer things in life. Well anyway wendsday satrted out at Mick and Nome's house were i desided that a beer and a smoke were the order of the day. Then we took the cover off the pool table and started to play. I won a couple of games untill mick arived with lemons salt and of course a bottle of tequila. This is were it all started to head down hill well not to bad but the pool got worse. The red lion bus was then called to come pick us up. When we arrived at the red we dived straight into the pokie room were i only put ten dolars in, and i lost. Well i desided to consolidate this loss with a burbon and coke. Then it was time to roll upstairs and get our groove on. Okay and the rest of the boys were already up there but it was so fucken dead and it was shit. So lets just say that wendsdays in wagga are still shit.

Monday, March 22, 2004

Ahh Saturday night was fucked. It started off with Leah's best friend Sam and her older sister coming down for a 21st that was near Euberta and i had to take them out there. This ended up being harder then it sounds due to the map being drawn wrong. So we ended up at Carawanna and for those of you who havent been there yet its an experence that you'll cherish for ever...... but eventually we made it and i headed back to so called civilisation. The plan for the evining was to go to Arlene's 23rd at Bel Jones house. We sat and polished off a bottle of Bacardi before i beat Okay twice in row at table tennis.
Then the capital night club beckoned, so we got up and all grabbed cabs. By the way id like to know if being overweight is part of the job requirement for becoming a taxi driver. Any way capital was prety packed so the atmosphere was good. Leah's friend Sam and her older sister Lisa desided it would be fun to see how many guy's they could fuck with so as soon as we got there they were pinching ass and trying to pretend to be intrested in people. At first this was funny but then the guy's started to get angry. But when the night drew to an end both girls had picked up one of the boy's was a mate of mine . But i was pissed and didnt worry about it. So we all went back to the back shed at our house were lisa and sam kept on being bitches. Thank fuck they eventually went to bed and i could spend some more quality time with my girlfriend..... peace

Sunday, March 21, 2004

Well once again you are going to hear about the pointless yet enjoyable weekend that me and the rest of the people that i call friends had.. Well Friday started at about 6:00 but due to Thursdays effort i desided that a powernap was needed. So when 7:30 rolled around i thought id get up and get going. Lee Okay and Mick were already in full swing so i grabbed a beer and got into the swing of things. When the clock struck Ten we all decided that we would head to the Red lion were the Funky Hillbilies and D.j Mojo were playing. But it was ficking hot upstairs and we were getting cheap drinks down stairs such as Woody Blues for 3 dollars, but let me worn all you avid drinkers out there that it true that you get whet you pay for. But the night started due to the fact that my beautiful girlfriend Leah was going to be in Wagga at Midnight. Then my phone rang and she was out the front. I ran out there and jumped into her car. She wanted to get changed so went back to my house. As we walked in the door i felt my stomach turn and ran out the back and had a mini speaw. Leah being the great girl that she is just laughed at me. So we ventured back to the Red. When we arrived back at the Red everyone was upstairs i took Leah around and introduced her to everyone. I was then being a dickhead and i fell into a table and smashed my back After an hour she said she was tired so we went home and let we say that well im glad i went. Peace

Saturday, March 20, 2004

Whats up everybody, as you may have guessed Dean and i desided that thursday would be a good night to go out drinking. The Red Lion was our place for beer and this is were the dream started and ended. Dean got there at 6:30 and started drinking he then called me at 8:30 to come down to the pub. When i arrived Dean was already off his head stumbling around and playing the pokies. So i grabbed a beer and threw 20 dollars into the "Thai princess" the only drama is that i lost (Fuckin Pokies). Any way we'll move on. After a few more beers Dean piked and went home. Id only been there for an hour and desided to stay and have a few more beers.. Not the best desision.


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